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Dogelon Index is a collection of cloned Dogelon Mars tokens over many blockchains such that their sum is always equal to one million billions (1,000,000,000,000,000), same as ELON.

Stability and convertibility are guaranteed by interventions by a central authority and by progressively locked liquidity on popular decentralized exchanges.

To reduce bridges’ inherent counterparty risk, Dogelon Index tokens are brought on new networks by burning the desired amount of tokens from existing networks and issuing that same amount on the new one using the standard Dogelon contract; then a fraction of the tokens are brought on existing networks and viceversa using standard bridges, to guarantee users cospicuous pre-allocated liquidity pools they can use to convert tokens from exotic networks.

Another positive side-effect of these pools is a significant reduction of manual interventions on exchange rates from the central mint authority (the deployer).

Original Dogelon bridged tokens’ tracking is obtained by means of a central authority, which in this context means:

if the deployer has opened an Index liquidity pool against token X, then token X is a legit bridged token.

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